Our Story

We started in early 2019 when a piece of land was donated to us in Bitterne by a local business.

It was given in order to provide a space for community groups, charities and faith groups to show what they can offer to support the residents of and visitors to Bitterne.

Our Aim

We want Bitterne to continue to thrive and go from strength to strength. We have volunteered to enable this space to be used by any local charities, faith groups or organisations that can benefit the Health and Wellbeing of the community.

So that's what we're doing with Bitterne Community Corner.

Will you join us on the journey?

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Our flagship event...

In addition to the work with BCC we are going to run a yearly community event called Bitterne Festival which is a day of activities for families. Find out more how you can be part of it.

Bank Details: Bitterne Community Corner Limited - Natwest Bank - 60-20-45-45267243

Please help us to help others and donate today. Thank you